Should I use Cloudflare with BunnyCDN?


I’m already using BunnyCDN for CDN. Should I use Cloudflare for other special features without CDN service?

Read: How to use BunnyCDN with Cloudflare?

  • You may use its DNS manager without CDN by keeping it completely Paused at overview page. This step will route all traffic to origin without interacting with Cloudflare reverse proxy.

  • Or, at DNS Page you need to keep grey mode.

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Should I use Cloudflare for this purpose (security or speed up)? Do you recommend?
As I said before, I am using BunnyCDN. Also both my server and cache plugin are Litespeed.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

It would be great. You can use Cloudflare with BunnyCDN. Here’s the original topic where you can learn the step-by-step procedure.

You’re welcome!

~ gk

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All of the DNS points (A records and Cnames) will be grey on Cloudflare?

Hope Litespeed cache plugin and Cloudflare won’t conflict for minifying and caching.

All you can keep orange, except BunnyCDN CNAME record at DNS Manager. External CDN record shouldn’t be proxied.

There shouldn’t be conflict with Litecache plugin if you have followed my guide.

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So I can use all of the Cloudflare security features, HTTP/2 and HSTS… without CDN :slight_smile:

Thats awesome!

Did you understand what I mean? I think you misunderstood badly. :frowning:

Please understand first basic things. I am writing below. :arrow_down:

When you keep following at DNS record …
Cloudflare orange = Enables DNS + Proxy
Cloudflare Grey = Enables DNS only

What is different between both? You also need to know.

  • DNS (grey) means DNS. No extra features. This is perfect for BunnyCDN record because they already have HTTP/2, SSL, Browser cache settings, etc. Proxing will cause showing DNS probhited error message at client (Browser) end.

  • When you enable Proxy by keeping organge, it allow you to use Cloudflare inbuilt features such as Browser Cache, HTTP/2, HSTS, SSL, etc. Most features depends on proxy.

What I said, you cannot proxy a record that points to BunnyCDN. In your case it could be CDN cname.

I hope it is clear and I have stated reasons also why you should not proxy CDN record.

Interesting things to note …

This point to Cloudflare IP Traffic is routed in Cloudflare. Helpful in normal usage of Cloudflare for its SSL, or any feature that matters.

This points directly to the IP origin which you point. Traffic directly hit origin server of the IP. Helpful in case of external CDN based on Pullzone.

Still have any questions? Feel free to ask. I would be happy to clarify.

Sorry for misunderstanding bro but I understood the main idea I guess. Just couldn’t decide whether need to turn other A and CNAME records into orange. (except BunnyCDN)

Now, All of the records (DNS points) are orange (except BunnyCDN). I just wanted to use security and other small features of CF like ‘’ I’m under attack mode ‘’…

My English is not good. Sorry again :slight_smile:
Best regards!

It’s completely okay.

Ideally, you should keep like this if you want Cloudflare security + advantage of BunnyCDN at same time.

cc: @turk

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Yes completely okay bro :slight_smile: Thanks, I owe you one :slight_smile:

Last question if you accept; Litespeed cache plugin provides Webp image support, also BunnyCDN provides it too. Which one is should be preferred at similar situations in your opinion?

I don’t know how LiteSpeed works for WebP. I think BunnyCDN also don’t convert automatically for WebP. You need backend support for it.

  • If you use Cloudflare Proxy, and its PRO plan then you can have WebP support only.

I hope this answer your question.


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Thank you again and again! :slight_smile:

I undestand everything :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I recently started using BunnyCDN and left Cloudflare. But as my domain is on Cloudflare, I use their DNS. Now, the main A record is not Proxied in Cloudflare. I got a warning like this is exposing the origin IP. Is there any problem with this?

No problem.

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