Should I use Ezoic?

I am using AdSense for a few years. Should I shift to Ezoic to increase my revenue?
I wanted to apply for MediaVine/AdThrive but my pageview is around 44k (last month), Session around 18k (last month)

I need genuine suggestions.

Check if you have double analytic code installed.
Pageviews are typically within 1.2-1.5 times range.
Either you are using continuous scrolling or something is way off.

I would suggest going with ezoic at this stage. You can easily make over 200$ every month.

I have been making $200-$220 with AdSense as of now.
Nope, I haven’t used analytics double.

Then you can probably make double of that!

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One more thing, Should we shift our site to ezoic hosting after approval?

Always use your own hosting and use them as a cdn!

Their cdn is useless. I disabled their CDN and caching.

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But then you get CWV problems?
How did you tackle that?

so what’s the best way to integrate Ezoic?
Using their WP Plugin?

No. Use Cloudflare method.