Should I use hack word in my domain?

I want to register a domain > I am planning to register my targeted keyword with the pair of “my keyword” + “hack” ----

  1. Should I use this word.
  2. Is “hack” word souds good?
  • Yes
  • Now

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Do you know any popular website who are using “hack” word?

If you are going to target Us and UK audience and at any point you are planning to use premium ads like mediavine, adthrive etc then avoid such words like Gun, Hacks, S*x,etc as they do a negative keyword check and do consider those as bad for their reputation as well as their advertiser repo. So be careful

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Thank you suarav.

I want also request to others to give their opinion specially who say No.
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So what would you say? should I use this keyword in point of view of SEO and other facts.

And you did not vote yet?

Yes, you can use. No problem.

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