Should I use server/application-level caching plugin with APO?

I just enable APO for my website.

I am on WPX, they recommend using W3 Total Cache for server/application-level caching with their configured settings.

W3 Total Cache also has a Cloudflare extension, so while any changes or W3 total cache Purge Cache, CF also purge the cache with header expired.

So my question is should I need a server or application level plugin with APO, if so then should I activate the Cloudflare extension inside the W3 Total cache?

P.S.: I have installed the official CF plugin.

Appreciate all of the insights.

For APO, you need CF official plugin.

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Yeah I’ve the official plugin installed, I am asking on top of that should I need a server or application level caching plugin like w3tcwhich my host wpx suggest?

When using APO better avoid another caching system to avoid conflict.

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