Should I use the same privacy policy and disclaimer for my other websites?


I am going to make a new blog and want to use the same Privacy Policy & Disclaimer notes for the new website also. Should I do this? Is it harmful to SEO? The existing PP & Disclaimer on my blog is customized. I need your help guys. Thanks in advance.


Yes, choice is your.

Just noindex that pages.


Keep it index, follow.

Tos, privacy policy, disclaimer etc pages should be indexed in Google.

Noindex newsletter etc. type of pages only.



Yes! They can be reused. Just confirmed asking John Mueller


Why? These pages are not important for visitors.


These are important pages in fact. Since they announce some legal policies that a user must know. And reading them or not is upto the the user who has visited a certain website. These pages ptotect you from possible legal issues that you might encounter in some cases.


They are. And most importantly, they are required by Google so that’s why you should index them.


There was a meta tag to tell Google that the page does not contain original content.

I read it somewhere, I don’t remember.


It seems you are talking about the rel=“canonical” meta tag and I don’t have any idea about whether this tag can be applied to these kinds of legal pages. Since they are very generic and do not need any unique value.


Yes, the fun fact is most of the privacy policy pages are copy pasted. Google understand this and it can figure out if a duplicate content is a privacy policy or disclaimer page.


Gulshan,i request you to please look into this topic
And write the appropriate


You can keep same without worrying about it.