Should we use Gutenberg?


Hey guys …
I really confuse should we use Gutenberg or not?

Actually some people recommend it or some not.

If it comes to my personal experience I am happy with Gutenberg. Also my theme(GenaratePress) is also fully compatible. But I think its include more css than before. I mean GenaretePress added more css files as compare to before.

So I would like ask you are you using Gutenberg?

  • Yes
  • No

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Plz tell your opinion and also try to resolve my queries.

  1. It has some problem expect grammarly?
  2. Will it affect SEO because Old post has been written by WP editor?
  3. What about speed? Because it loads font awesome css externally.( I think this function from the theme’s side)


No affect.

Yes. Gutenerg doesn’t load Font Awesome library.


So why are you not using? tell your experience.


I don’t like it.
It will take sometime to impress people with some extra features in future.


Gutenberg is garbage.


But why? do you have any reason?


He said already… and clearly means it’s not worth.



From day 1, I do not like Gutenberg since it’s design is not user-friendly.
I would better prefer Elementor over it or Classic editor.


I like Gutenberg now… Though sometimes it can be irritating but for the most part, I like it!


:confused: Gutenberg


Wp Editor :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:


Well it is up to you. You can try Gutenberg, if it’s good and meets your requirements, you can use it. Simple :slight_smile:


Ok fine.


Gutenberg could have gone better if it did not have Blocks.


Gutenberg is the future, Its here to stay. WordPress is moving towards a easy to use system even if it means moving away from their conventional practices.

If you run a blog, it is the time to move to Ghost which still offers a very traditional editor.


Its depend on what kind of Website you have.

For me, Gutenberg slows my Workflow, I write simple articles with Images and sometimes Tables and Classic Editor is way more easier to use.


WordPress has always been a platform for bloggers/publishers.

A publisher doesn’t need to insert freaking blocks into the articles. Block idea is good, it could have been an additional feature for building pages, but it shouldn’t be used for writing articles.


WordPress used to be for Bloggers/Publishers. Now it’s moving towards being a full-fledged CMS which is a very wide scope than being limited to blogging/publishing/journalism.

Per modern standards, Coding, UX, UI and everything else is being classified into blocks. The usual pattern will be considered outdated and ancient sooner than later.

We can continue to argue as much as you’d like but the fact still remains the same, As more and more people are taught to use the Gutenberg editor (wordpress training etc.) the majority will move towards it and then the classic editor will become obsolete and will be removed from the wp codebase.

It will take some time so you can enjoy the novelty of using classic editor until wordpress decides to finally flip the switch, remove the code and make it unusable…


Indeed, they’re trying to be a full-fledged CMS. However, existing users hate Gutenberg. The poll is just an example, go to Reddit, Twitter, Facebook groups, read the comments section of WordPress news sites, there is immense hate for WordPress.

For those just learning WordPress, they may like Gutenberg.

For me and the majority of WordPress users, the big issue is that they forced the Block editor on the posts and pages. When I’m constructing a page, a fancy homepage, I like to utilize page builders like Visual Composer, Elementor.

But for plain texts, normal blog posts, using a builder just makes things fundamentally more confusing than they should be.

I would have been glad to have Gutenberg as the standard Page Builder and the classic editor for blog posts.


Learning new things takes time, I see many users are unhappy with this new change.

If this kind of changes will continue to come, people have more easy and user-friendly option in the future.


I have it I am using classic editor.