Should you show last updated dates on your blog posts?


Well. Kinsta’s marketing head Brian Jackson is one of my favorite marketers. And here is his comment on the last updated dates solution.

“This is a controversial topic for some, and that is should you remove the dates on your WordPress posts or change them to “Last Updated?” It really depends on the type of site that you run. If you have a lot of evergreen content then yes, you might want to change the dates to last updated. We actually use last updated on our blogs here at Kinsta because we spend many hours updating old content”

What was interesting was that he agrees it is a controversial topic. This is especially true in the news segment. But in the evergreen segment, many pathetic new articles rank because they were “newer”.

So hope this was helpful.


Suppose that you did search “Best WordPress Theme for Blogging”.

Which result would you click? A SERPs snippet dated 2008, or 2018? Of course, 2018!

Last updated date play a major role. Nobody wants to see the outdated information.


I cannot change the date in my articles because of the dates/month permalink structure :frowning:


Why did you kept date/month. I guess, now Google allow news site clean permalink too. Isn’t?


Guide me, how to set this on the site.


yep, URL structure doesn’t matter in Google News :stuck_out_tongue: it was my mistake :joy:


@Rocket Which theme are you using?




@Rocket Try this method, it is for Colormag.