Show breadcrumbs on Google search results only but not in website

As I am using genesis Magazine Pro, I know it offers the option to enable breadcrumbs, so as Yoast. But I want to display breadcrumbs on search results only by enabling the option in Yoast. Is it possible?
If you enable Genesis breadcrumbs option, it displays you’re here Home > etc, I don’t want that to display. Any suggestions?
Update: Enabled breadcrumbs in Yoast, but disabled in genesis and using Disable Genesis Schema plugin. Not added any code to functions.php or head, let me know.

I am not aware about the procedure for Genesis theme, but if you can share the theme name, I can suggest you to remove it. But remember user experience is mandatory.

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Magazine pro.

you could use: display:none for that element. Not sure if it is recommended though.

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Genesis way is easier. Apply and Validate it.

You can hide that part using CSS.

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Lot of confusion with Genesis and Yoast. As of now, breadcrumbs not appearing in site or Google. Heard with Yoast detection Genesis 3.1 later versions disable genesis microdata, I am using Genesis 3.2.0

I have disabled genesis schema disable plugin after reading these now.
Now tell me where to start?

Forget my last reply, I request you to still clarify the doubt. I have enabled genesis breadcrumbs and disabled breadcrumbs in Yoast, seems everything is working fine.You can check and let me know. I’ll use the css code later. I do know it take longer for google to show breadcrumbs on search results, how long it can be? Months or Days?

It’s so simple. Just visit this page.



Next, apply custom CSS. Purge cache and test.


Let me know if you have tried this option.

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Yep, I enabled on single posts only, hope that’s fine.

It is appearing however code format is generic. That should comes with markup.

Try alternative way and test here

I tested on structured data testing tool already. Not sure which will be better? The microdata exhibited by yoast seo or genesis? Or will both be same?

I would recommend Genesis way. That’s straight forward and proper way to get this thing done. Doesn’t require adding any PHP code snippet

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That means I am all set. Thanks Gulshan, MyilRaj and Alpha.


That’s what I suggested.

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