Show Last Updated Date In SERP


I want to show post updated date in Google Search results. My theme showing last updated date in post but not in SERP. I’m using Authority Pro Genesis theme. Site URL is WayToidea(.)com

Any inputs will be highly appreciated.

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Vishal Meena

  1. Install Genesis Simple Edits
  2. Use this shortcode [post_modified_date] in the entry meta.

Hello Gulshan!

Thanks for get back to me. But I’m also using this short code in entry meta. But not showing updated date in Google Search results.

You want to show last modified date in SERP. Here is what i have experienced

  1. If you show last modified date and Published date on front end of site, google is most likely to give importance to published date.
  2. If you show only last modified date, it takes 10-14 days for the dates to change in serps
  3. If you have comments, and comment dates are older then last modified dates, google will pick dates from comments and that date will be the date of the article. To avoid this u have to remove dates from comments and ensure that when a theme update happens, the date doesnt get updated at all!

I’m following all these options! any other questions?

Cant comment more without looking at a url

URL of my website? www.waytoidea(.)com/how-to-start-a-blog/

Removing dates from the comment could help. I got it fixed this way.



First u place http to https redirection


Try below on staging. Dont try on live and please cross check everything

add_filter( 'genesis_show_comment_date', '__return_false' );