Simplest way to keep 30 days caching?

I have a small wordpress site as a spare which is pretty static. It is hosted on cloudways. How do i setup 30 days caching on it? Best recommended set and forget plugin for this task?

I thought of breeze but then breeze will set a very aggressive browser cache.

Try this plugin

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Ok. But isnt this plugin more useful for caching at cloudflare?

How would it cache the wordpress posts for 30 days on server end?

I used Cache enabler plugin and it seems the performance was good.

Please ignore my last reply. That plugin is only for Browser or Proxy Caching.

For server side caching (without varnish), Cache Enabler is a good choice. To properly install and activate, follow below steps.

  1. Make sure wp-config.php has WP_CACHE constant with value true.
define( 'WP_CACHE', true );
  1. Use its advanced configuration to completely bypass PHP for the better performance.
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Perfect plugin with only one thing missing. Preloading. Any idea how to do that in cache enabler?

Loll is that u?

I feel the plugin is amazing. if it had preloading, it would have been even better

Yes, once I had conversation there.

We have to wait for preloading features to see.

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