Site got hacked

Fetch it as Googlebot using search console.

Nothing found when tested

After a couple of days, I have successfully found out the malware of my website.
Its in /public_html/wp-includes/wp-tmp.php file in my website.
Here are my recent research

So @GulshanKumar I’m providing my wp-tmp.php at here. Please remove this 2 malware js codes & give me the safe file.

If your site has been hacked, I would recommend downloading WordPress file and replacing all core files.


here is no wp-tmp.php file

That’s why I said, delete wp-includes folders completely and replace with new. Same for others core files. (Don’t delete wp-config.php, .htaccess, robots.txt)

Is there any chance to lost my website if I do so?

Good question, Rajdeep.

:warning: Yes, there is a huge chance if your site uses outdated theme and plugin that doesn’t work properly on latest version WordPress. I would strongly advise please take server level backup before proceeding.

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I keep everything updated, may i get your whatsapp number or calling number sir ?

If everthing is updated, then there shouldn’t be any problem. However, keeping backup first is recommended.

files replacement done.
evrything working but site is slow down 1 to 2 sec

If your site is loading slow, allow sometime to build cache and check after sometime.

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