Site not opening

(Ultra Noob) #1

Just moved to Digital ocean using Setupserver but site is down

(Ultra Noob) #3

Please check two things

  1. Make sure . htaccess is ready
  2. Make sure domain is pointed to correct directory

(Ultra Noob) #4

Bhai Don’t have access to file manager as I am on Setupserver free plan


You can access files using FileZila.

(Ultra Noob) #6

They are not providing password as i am on free plan


Password is the server root password.

Check this

(Ultra Noob) #8

I can suggest one thing then, may be it can fix.

  • Disable all plugins
  • Go to Permalinks > Just click on the “Save” button. That’s all.

If doesn’t solve, I would highly recommend switching manually to LEMP that would best ever decision rather relying on third-party provider.


(Ultra Noob) #9

Getting error : could not connect to server

(Ultra Noob) #10

Not able to access dashboard

(Ultra Noob) #11

No worries. Do you have backup anywhere either in full or part?

(Ultra Noob) #12

Yes i have

(Ultra Noob) #13

Do you have Anydesk or Teamviewer? I can assist in restoring site back.

Need approximately 45 minutes from now.

(Ultra Noob) #14

Yes i have please check message

(Ultra Noob) #15

Awaiting for the remote ID and password. Please message it fast.

(Ultra Noob) #16

Site is back now :slight_smile:

(Ultra Noob) #17

Thanks lot bhaiya…

(Ultra Noob) #18

You’re most welcome!