Site slowing down after auto ads


hello sir @GulshanKumar please help me in speed up my website it is getting slow colud you please look into it . its Rapidtopic com


Auto Ads tend to make site slow, because it add any random Ad unit based on Theme. Generally, I see it doesn’t look good. I would recommend, using manual placing and small Ad units. It would be helpful.


ok i will remove the script from head sir but my yslow time is not improving in gtmatrix


To improve Yslow, you should implement a CDN.


CDN is a free service or a paid?


A CDN comes in free and premium version also.

Cloudflare, good but may invite other problem related to cookie-free domain which cannot be solved with Cloudflare easily.

BunnyCDN, it’s paid but quite affordable.


hello sir i implemented the cloudflare CDN but the Yslow rating is 67 yet. please check it once


To improve Yslow score, you can use Autoptimize plugin.


Filter the ad and allow only best performing ads Like banner etc