Sitemap generated by Jetpack

So I am using JetPack to create sitemaps. Basically it has created one and under that there are 2 other sitemaps: sitemap-1.xml for posts and image-sitemap-1.xml. So which one should I submit to Google sitemap-1 or sitemap.xml? Also is it good to go with JetPack or use Yoast for this?

Jetpack is a quite heavy plugin and it slows the site. Frankly if you are using the free jetpack you donot even get much features from it apart from image optimizations ones.

I will better suggest you to remove Jetpack and use Yoast for it. Though as both of them are generating sitemaps and sitemap has nothing to do with which plugin generates it, so it is not much of an issue in my opinion.

Only primary one /sitemap.xml
There is no need to submit internal links of Sitemap.

BTW, I feel Yoast Sitemap is more organized and looks better.

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