Sitemap indexed pages decreasing day by day


Hi my url is

My sitemap indexed pages are decreasing day by to resolve this issue.


Please use Google Search Console to find the issue.

Check Index > coverage section, click on Excluded > See details and try to fix whatever possible.


Thanks for your reply.I have checked index coverage also.crawled but not indexed pages gradually to resolve this issue


Consider checking affected pages using Search Console URL inspect tool.


Check which pages are de indexed. Try to update them and resubmit



Thanks for your reply.we have multiple sitemaps in search console.In that sitemaps, already indexed pages count gradually decreasing day by day.When I verified in sitemaps index coverage report,crawled but not indexed pages are gradually increases.Please find the attached sample image.


Below this graph in the Google Search console, you will find issues details, click on it and work on those URLs.


how to fix crawled but not indexed issue.Thnaks in advance.


I would repeat my answer.



All the excluded links are URLs of single posts followed by /feed.

They are like this -

Any idea what could cause this?

Does it have anything to do with these settings? Are is it a case of misconfiguration of plugins by me?

Should I do anything about this?

Thank you!


Had same issue.
Removed sitemaps for 5 million urls.

Google s-u-c-kkkksssss.


It’s completely normal behaviour for the feed path.

No action is required for it.


Thank you!



I am unable to fetch the links in fetch as google.It shows temporary unreachable.Have tried to inspect that URL in new search console,I am getting issue like this.Please find the attachment.