Sitemap Not indexing

I added my website to google search console 15 days ago. but since sitemap not indexing. showing Discovered url 0.

When I manually enter any URL to inspect. it’s showing “Indexed, not submitted in sitemap” .

What happening with sitemap?

SEO Plugin:- Rankmath

You should add the direct URL of the sitemap.
https: // www. yourdomain .com/post-sitemap.xml
https: // www. yourdomain .com/page-sitemap.xml

Remove the Sitemap Index and Add the separate Sitemap.

i added those, those are showing data correctly. But when i manually indexing any page its showing.

Even this showing index via post-sitemap.xml.

What happening?

Note:- This is an expired domain.

Renew the Domain and check your Webmasters.

Already renew domain, and registered on google domains. And webmaster showing its’s verified.

Tell me the Domain Name.

i can tell here publicly, check your inbox.

I can see three more URLs were indexed in Google today.

Can’t see any difference, only showing 4 urls.