[SOLVED]Search Engines showing this for all my latest articles. But why?

Website: innovativebeast.com

Check the latest posts on my blog, they are focused on keywords with less to zero competition but still they aren’t ranking on Google. You can see the posts are well written.

All my recent posts are not ranking on Google. Not even showing on Google. The Keywords have zero competition.

I don’t know what’s happening. Please help someone.

cc- @GulshanKumar @BihariLala @saurav_556 @Saksham

I don’t see any difference in these Search Engines.
Bing = DuckDuckGo
Bing = Yahoo!

Yeah. But do you have any idea why it’s happening?

You’ve shared screenshots of D and B SERPs but asking about G? :face_with_monocle:

Can you please re-frame your question with exact search query that you’re trying to rank for?

I shared screenshots of D & B because the problem is showing over there and there is no problem I Google SER but the ranking problem is with Google not D & B.

Oh okay!
If you believe this is an issue, please e-mail Bing team.

Reach out to the bing team.
Are you sure your site is not hacked or something? Some malicious code may be. Run a quick wcan for the same.
For Rankin there seems to be some issue going on regarding indexing as usual. It might get fixed in a while. Resubmit article using GSC.
Also it takes a few months to rank even for new posts until you are a news site. So dont worry keep writing.

@saurav_556 @GulshanKumar Recently, I removed the WordFence plugin. Because, Ezoic told me that WordFence is blocking their bots from showing ads and analysing traffic.

Should I add the Plugin again? Also, The Keyword I am focusing are not competitive at all, and before May all my posts were getting indexed and ranked immediately. But, I have no idea what happened after that.

@saurav_556 I recently got a lot of backlinks because I posted a news related to Amazon which went viral on Reddit. Should I disavow those backlinks?

What do you see when you check the URLs in Google Console?

I didn’t get it. Where to check inside Search Console.

Submit the URL.

I solved the problem. Bing and other search engines were facing problems in accessing my sitemap. Moved from Yoast to RankMath and then re-generated and submitted the sitemap to search console and Bing webmaster tools.