[Solved] "Update your India tax info with the GSTIN" message from Adsense


So, I got a message from Adsense in the notifications panel. Clicked on it and it tells me - “Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment.”.

Clueless on what to do :laughing: Is it just me or anyone else too got it recently?


Umm… do you see any other option than GSTIN?


Here it is. Just added the PAN, which is optional too, but the message won’t go away.


Yep, right. This is optional. Google has been A/B testing this with select users.


So what to do? The problem is they will keep the payment on hold.


Fill pan card details nothing more :stuck_out_tongue:


Could someone else here check their Payments > Settings section if the “Tax Status” is set to “Registered Individual” or “Unregistered Individual”?


I am not seeing what you’re seeing. Is your account new?


Nope. Active since last year.


Do you have a Google Ads account as well?


Ignore the message. You should get your payment regardless of the new prompts.


Not so sure of that - “Your payments are currently on hold” is not convincing enough :rofl:


As I said, this is not new and the prompt will be removed soon. If you have contact option, try emailing AdSense.


A official document: https://support.google.com/paymentscenter/answer/7421525?hl=en


Thanks! I just changed the tax status to “Unregistered Individual” and the message vanished.

A few days ago, I registered for a Google Ads account. As part of the setup, I partially remember that I might have changed the tax status to “Registered Individual”.

What I didn’t knew and probably overlooked, was that all the Google products incl Play Store, Adsense, Google Ads, etc use a universal payment account granted to the individual. So, if I change any Payment settings on the Google Ads interface, the same will be reflected on Adsense as well, and so on.

Changed the title as well! Mods, please close the thread.

And thanks @BihariLala and @Suneet_Srivastava for your time! :+1:


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