Some Questions about Affiliate

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I just depend on adsense to get money. but because I’m new it’s hard for me to complete 100$ per months. so that my friend advised me to start affiliate.
what I know is all theoretically, I mean If I want to start Affiliate, I should make a big youtube channel and a website that aim one field, Is that true? If I want To earn From Affiliate I should do these things. Or There is another quick method?
If you have any advice to me, write it in a comment and I’ll be really thanked for you or you can share your experience in earning from web.
I hope you all a good day :sunglasses:.
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Affiliate Marketing can be beneficial only if your blog receives a decent volume of traffic from all the sources. Yes to become a successful affiliate marketer, you should focus on a particular niche and improve your skills as well. Also, you should focus on improving your brand identity and personalize your blog to get visitors’ attention.
Now you are making money from Google Adsense, just start affiliate marketing at a slow pace. Affiliate Marketing business can be classified into two based on their operation

  1. An online E-commerce store that has products from different merchants.
    (Eg: Amazon, ShareASale, CJ etc.)

  2. Inhouse Affiliate Program directly handled by the merchant.
    (Eg: Grammar ly, Web Hosting, Sem Rush etc.)

Start by identifying the inhouse affiliate program company and write a lengthy review article with their affiliate link. Then, gradually expand your affiliate section by joining ShareASale, Amazon and start choosing the products relevant to your current blogging niche.

Generating revenue from the Affiliate Marketing Program will take time and you have to be patient and keep on putting efforts.


Thanks A lot Pro For This Advice .
I’ll Take with it.
Thanks a lot because you replied on my post.
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