Someone copied my content

Someone copied my content, and published here

He gave source as my blog url. What to do now??

You can report at below link. Google team will validate your concern and take down if needed.

Many people copy my post and paste on Quora and give link to my webpage. What should i do ?

If this is keep happening multiple times, then follow this clever strategy

If someone is republishing your content without your consent, you should report Quora about copyright violation with certain proof.

  • Date of published story
  • What element is copied? Just text/image/video, everything describe clearly. Don’t expect from them to check line by line. Write in words yourself where is the copyrighted material and why do you feel it is important for Quora to take down.

Protect your content by using a plugin. This will mostly slow down copy-cats. If they are aggressive, email them to remove the content. If they’re too aggressive, report them.

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Blocking copy-paste or right click seriously affects user experience. There are tons of popular site on the web nobody does that things.

There should be alternative approach -

  • Watermarking image
  • Hotlink protection (Sometime this can fireback)
  • If you really want to block copying, please do via CSS… at least do not block basic functionality like right click as it prevent feature like “Open link in a new tab”, save as PDF, etc

If someone want to do copy, they will do anyway.

In Hindi there is a quote: चोर चोरी से जाये, हेरा फेरी से न जाये !! :joy:


@GulshanKumar is using canonical link meta tag can help to stop this piracy?

One who copy generally don’t link back as canonical in their source code so it doesn’t help.


What i have found works great is first contact the blog personnel to take the content down If he gives negative or no response then head to the hosting provider as well as domain service provider of the guy and ask help from them. They can give them serious notice to take it down or their site may get down for sometime so that helps.
But since he has given you a credit for the same contacting him might work simply

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