Something is blocking my adsense!

Recently I got approved from Adsense, I pasted Adsense code in my website using WP QUADS plugin. after pasting the code and doing all the settings there is something which is blocking my Adsense code from showing ads!!

As you can see in the above image, I have tick marked the ad boxes in which I have pasted the code and saved it.

after saving it I refresh that page and it shows this!! the tick-marked boxes are not highlighted and not even showing as marked! and even ads are not showing on the website too. I waited for few days and week then I logged in my Adsense account there I saw my ads went “idle” from “active”.

I searched the internet but I forgot the link of one website saying that it is blocked by the autoptimze plugin. but what is the setting to show the ads? Please provide a solution.

How many blog posts are there in your blog?
I will give you an alternate light weight solution.

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Try changing the number of ads value.

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30-33 long post almost all.

What’s the Leight weight solutions please tell me.

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I did…I even try to put just one as. Still the same

Ok! You have to add a shortcode on all posts.
You can create your own shortcode function and add the shortcode on to your post.
You have add the shortcode manually on each and every article.
Also, create an excel sheet to maintain the list of ads and it’s placement. It’s a long process, but can save you some space of your website.

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ok will do that and come back . Will the ad start showing immediately?

I would recommend trying Ad Inserter plugin. It’s very simple to use.


Yes, I am doing the same for all my own blogs and my client blogs.

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Will give this plugin a try too. hope it works! Is their any issue with autoptimize? Does that block any ad?

Nope, It shouldn’t block. However, I would urgue that once you setup ad make sure to do a purge cache.

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Autoptimize doesn’t block adsense ads. However, you might exclude adsense or plugin js from autoptimize.

Make sure select ads limit as per your post/page requirement.


@Bingout What’s the status now?

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Hello, was your problem resolved?

Wait guys …i just login saw notification of "ads.txt’ in my google adsense, but to fix that i m unable to access my control panel. i have requested to give fresh link of control panel to my hosting. once i fix that, i will let you know.

@MyilRaj pasting shortcodes on every post is too time consuming, right ? if i have to remove ads in future that will take lot of my time.

Not necessary, just remove the codes from your functions.php file.
Also, if you think it’s a time consuming process, you are putting weight on your site. Think about it.

removing function.php will remove the ads from all post? will removing function.php will effect my site performance?

You are not removing the file instead you are removing the codes from the file.

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ok ok ,… can you give me a pluging name for shortcodes?

how? please let me know @abhishek