Something is blocking my adsense!

Just paste plugin path url inside the box.

For example:

js/jquery/jquery.js, wp-content/plugins/quick-adsense-reloaded, wp-content/plugins/wp-quads-pro, etc etc…

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now I pasted the Adsense code using ad inserter, how long it takes to show up the ads?

It depends on Adsense. But at an average it takes about 2-3 hours for me.

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okay let me wait then, will give update by evening. Grrrr this issue making me stress !!

It happens. Don’t worry :smile:

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thanks bro, but once ads start showing it will big relief :slight_smile:

yeah that will be a relief but soon you’ll have more stress by seeing through the revenue.

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wow, that’s good news, create a special thread for him :smile:

You create and congratulate him.

Update: the ads still not showing :frowning: can anyone help me to fix this via TeamViewer? I think I m doing something wrong of which I have no idea :frowning: