Spam Direct traffic seen in Google Analytics

Hi Team!

I am see a sharp raise in Google analytics direct traffic.
And due to which my google AdSense account got disabled.

Can anyone help what to do?

Enabling Cloudflare Attack mode might help in mitigating issue. However it can impact Google Crawling.

There is a solution to safely enable I am under attack mode, please find at below post.

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Hi Gulshan!

yesterday I made it on in the cloudflare.May be I need t o wait for some time?

For sometime, remove advt from that page which is getting spammy traffic. Ulimately as a publisher, you need to take care of traffic-quality.

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Okay sure will do it now.

Hello @GulshanKumar,

Is there anything changed in Google policies?
Because Google Analytics plugin changed to ExactMetric plugin & on my website bounce rate is showing low or have become low and at another side plugin is showing bounce rate high… .

Not sure. But this seems relevant.

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