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How do I find and block spam views on my website? I’m getting around 200 to 300 spam views daily on my website.

Using Sucuri, enable aggresive bot filter at Firewall settings. It can help.


You’re welcome!

I am getting a lot of spam traffic recently. Mostly coming from russia and china where there is no real user for my site. I blocked the country using cloudflare, however they have still been able to acces my site via proxy or vpn.
Is there any way to block all Vpn users from accessing my site. Also does that effect seo negatively?

Try to use Akismet Anti-Spam WordPress plugin. This may help you.

List all VPN IPs, lookup its ASN number, block it at CF firewall.

Easiest way, ignore it. A little bit spam is completely inevitable in WP. You can use Comment Blacklisting feature in WordPress.

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The spam is increasing day by day. Its not bot as the traffic is direct with less than 10% bounce rate.
I am getting around 15-20% of total traffic in that form. All my other site has around 10% or less. So a little worried.
Also, i tried blocking countries, spam ips(some) and even referer bots of ahrehf semrush and others. Yet not able to work my way out!
The problem is such traffic reduces the overall good traffic ratio which inturn hurts ads prices and revenue as i am going to use mediavine soon

Use Sucuri WAF Free Trial to see if it helps. There is a feature to block spam traffic.

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Yup. I am debating on it. Either i can upgrade my plan of wpx from 20 to 40 and move there. They have great firewall and spam traffic block
Or i can get sucuri for same price, which would work on one site only.
Again the point is i have 6 sites and wpx comes for 15 sites on upgrade and i dont think will need that much. Also the site has hardly 30-40k pageview monthly.
Will using sucuri work alongside cloudlfare or do i need to move it away from cludflare?

Yes, it can work together. Learn how -

I contacted the support of siteground. They managed to add some custom code in htcaccess to block bots via custom rule. They ask me to report with stats after 24 hours and if that didnt work they will further tweak it. Although i am not sure what is going to happen. Lets see. I might need to get sucuri or wpx upgrade if it doesnt work.
I never knew they have some spam experts in their support crew as well.

All the best!

WPX doesn’t seems a reliable host to me, at least it is not faster as claimed by some affiliate fanboi! First problem is poor routing in their inbuilt CDN. You can repro this issue this way

  1. Go to
  2. Type a site URL that uses WPX
  3. In many locations, traffic is served from outside POP.

Yup i know it gives a little issue with indian servers. My traffic is 80% US UK and as far i have tried and checked this earlier as well it serves from right location. Never had site issue with this host in the past.
Also being a non technical guy their support is what took me towards them. the support is fast and brilliant.

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Sounds good to me. Give a try and let see if it helps.

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Yup, But i think i will wait to see what the htcaccess custom rule does. If it doesnt stop it then might need to look for other options.