Speed Up WordPress (Top 5 High Priority Tips)

Your website should be lightning fast to capture the audience toward your goal as soon as possible. Every second of delay reduce the visitor’s satisfaction.

I am going to share top 5 high-priority speed optimization tips that work for most websites.

  1. Choose the hosting server location as per your target audience. Shorter distance from server to the visitor will have faster latency.
  • Check geographical location analytics and choose server location exactly from where you get the highest traffic.

Screenshot representing the location menu in in the Google Analytics

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  1. Utilize the Caching plugin to reduce server load

The role of cache plugin is cut the unnecessary execution of PHP and MySQL database and dramatically boost performance by serving static HTML output. With the cache plugin, you can configure HTTP compression (GZIP), page cache, database and browser cache (expiry header for the static resources) to achieve the fastest performance.

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  1. Migrate to HTTPS to leverage the benefit of HTTP/2
  • HTTPS is not just useful for WordPress security but also for the web performance. With HTTPS, you can leverage the advantage of HTTP/2 automatically if the host supports.

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  1. Audit your theme and plugin
  • Plugins often being the major offender for the slow website. Use less possible plugins if you want your visitors to give the fastest experience.

  • Remove inactive themes and plugins, this simply increase backup size. Do not remove by mistake parent theme while using a Child Theme.

  • Also, keep all theme and plugin updated.

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  1. Optimize images

High-quality images are critical for making content attractive. However, a little bit optimization can help in reducing the page size and overall load time.

  • Also, with the help of ShortPixel plugin images in JPEG, PNG or (animated) GIF formats can be optimized. Additionally, you can serve WebP format images for highly reduced image size.

I have always found these speed up tips most helpful.

Advanced topics for more benefits

Please take a backup first before implementing anything.

Any questions or suggestion, please drop below.

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If you want to compress your images offline on your computer then I would recommend using Riot. It has features like bulk image compression which comes in handy when working on listicles.


I am using Smush for image compressing for my website and the performance is good. Thanks.

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Thanks @GulshanKumar for sharing this.
But can anyone tell me, Now which is the best image optimizer plugin ?
Thanks in advance.

  • TinyPNG
  • Shortpixel

WP Smush is also a good free WP plugin

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Dear Team, @GulshanKumar,

The inputs and the suggestions of the forum members for queries that i have asked in this forum every now and then helped me a lot optimizing my website .

Speed optimize ( Thanks again ):slightly_smiling_face:

CPU Usage
when number users in my website my cpu usage is high how to optimize

Active users Right now

for five users it shows 13-68% usage

CPU - 1GB RAM 25GB SSD hard disk,

my website URL https://tnpscayakudi.com/

Kindly help me in this

Have a Great Day

Hello @Manikandan_A-ve

Please refer to

Thanks in advanced!


i optimized my website for speed . but unable to optimize cpu usage

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To reduce CPU usage, you need to reduce usage of plugins and keep database optimized.

Here’s the expected result

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Here’s my in-depth analysis

  • Guess, your server location is Singapore. That’s good. However, choosing Indian location would be little more faster for your audience. Also, you should run test from India in GTmetrix because it is the nearest available location. If you test from Canada, it will display slow loading. That’s normal.

Read …

  • You may have 99% audience from India. I do not recommend Cloudflare for India in most cases due to poor routing issue. Avoiding Cloudflare will improve server response time greatly.

  • Avoiding JetPack will improve load time 0.5 seconds at least. Personally, I don’t like JetPack unless it is used in minimal approach.

  • Already using Analytics? You may disable JetPack stats by going to “Privacy” settings which would be right below in the footer of the JetPack plugin page.

Disables jetpack stats
if i remove cloudflare cpu usage will reduce ? i am using cloudflare ssl what will happen?

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You can use Let’s Encrypt SSL.


Thanks for the in-depth analysis – which tool do you use to gather DNS, TTFB, etc from various locations?

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KeyCDN Performance tool.

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