Spike on direct traffic

Greetings all.

I suddenly noticed spike on direct traffic coming from USA. It’s showing on Google Analytics with some page views. I’m sure it’s coming from bot and I don’t know how to block it.

I started noticing this changes after I made URL update on my blog.

My investigation further revealed that the traffic is coming from desktop and it uses Mozilla Compatible Agent browser.

Is there any way to block such spam traffic or is it because of the URL I updated from https// to https//www.blogname.com?

  • WordFence

  • Cloudflare

  • Sucuri

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Let it be.
It happens so many times that now i have stopped bothering about it.
I tried cloudflare wordfence but still most of them bypass it.
So its fine to leave them alone.

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I’m worried because I have made some changes on my blog to improve the speed and restore my ranking. But this particular problem started after my hosting provider updated my URL. Seems this my hosting is always creating problem whenever I contact them to fix something. I may be moving to another hosting by next month. I’m just fade up already.

Lol. What host is that.
Please check if they have created or messed something with ssl.
When some asset in pages load in http and some asset loads in https then also this problem happens. Make sure there is no mixed content.
Only https should be there.

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Intersaver… Do you have any good suggestion on hosting. I’m already fade up. I want to move to a new hosting as soon as possible. My blog is targeted to UAE though and some traffic from other countries like USA and Indian

Find that bot name using access.log and ask hosting team to block it.

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That’s the problem, the bot is working like real human traffic. Given pages views on post and bounce rate is also below %80. My hosting not helping matters at all. All they are asking me is to upgrade my plan. Me I’m planning to use that money and move to another better and fast hosting plan.

Uprading plan wont fix the issue. You can block IP address if you can find.