SSL Got expired

Lets encrypt SSL got expired. We have followed every step mentioned here:

It is just expired today, Someone please suggest on this.

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How long have you been using it?

Once try this command in putty.

Service nginx restart

I felt afraid as you mentioned my site URL. Thanks God! it is not…

Seriously, my bad. That guide need a strong update.

Here’s the fix…

  • reboot server
crontab -e

If you understand SSH, put below line

0 0 * * *  /etc/init.d/nginx reload >/dev/null 2>&1

Actually, it will reload NGINX every 24 hours. What I discovered, certbot renew SSL automatically but it doesn’t reflect so that “DATE” error appears after few months.

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I have added and i have verified all the steps. Still issue

This should fix

service nginx reload

is this fine? @gulshan

Or i need to remove 1 line?

@imjitthu It’s a command not a line to add in a file.

Your SSL was renewed…check again

I just reinstalled

Remove previous one

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Thankyou @GulshanKumar

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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