Start-up (low budget co-working space in New Delhi for bloggers only)


As a blogger one thing is very tough to find – that is cheapest working space in Delhi NCR, I visited many co-working spaces the minimum monthly rental was 7000/- for a seat and some of the co-working spaces were asking for 6 months deposit.
So, for the new bloggers – who can’t afford a costly co-working space, I am opening a co-working space with a few seats (I actually started it).

What I’m offering:

• One seat
• 6 days access (maximum 8 hours per day)
• Flexible timings between 8am to 8pm
• Free WiFi
• Free Tea/Coffee (self service, you have to make it own, I also do the same)
• Free blogging consultancy
• Free SEO consultancy
• Free content writing, management training
• Actually I will be there to work with you (I have an experience of 4+ years in blogging and earnings a few thousand dollars from my website).
• Free AdSense optimization, and earning through other networks also

Location: Sant Nagar, East of kailash, New Delhi

Distance: 5 mins walking distance from Nehru place metro station, 10 mins distance by auto/rikshaw (shared or private) from kailash colony metro station

Package: INR 2999/- per month (Advance pay monthly - No deposits)
Contact: Send WhatsApp message on +91-7838150833 for site visit



Nice! I will contact you in a few months.



Will love to work with you…

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Share photos of your office… I need some space for some interns…



By tomorrow I will share

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I also want to see some pics, I was also looking for the same.

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Sure thanks for your interest

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But can someone explain what all these things? It’s looking new to me.



co-working space is also a business where we setup an office or a large working area with all facilities like security, CCTV, meeting rooms, pantry, office boy, WiFi, receptionist.
Customer has to pay monthly for the working from there a seat will be allotted to the customer.

Its good for a small team like one, two - 4 peoples - no need to rent an office

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Wow! A Great Idea. But I have never seen such as thing. If the business is having some 5 - 10 employees means, How this idea can work brother?



Coworking is very popular here. Many startups are providing this service now.



I think beebom is a great example…



As a start-up - what you can do.
Rent an office for 10-25 people, arrange all things, and give rest of the seats to others and take monthly from them, because the guys who are looking for a co-working space are not able to pay more money like : for an office scurity, advance, and other things.
You have to just charge them monthly.
Treat/care them like an employee but do not behave with them like a boss - they are your boss because they are paying to you. Just let them free to work .
Set working hours, set access of the accessories, snacks etc.
You can set a good start-up.



Just FYI, We’ve Got Decent speed Multiple connection Uplink from the Location (Effective 190 Mbps Down and 150 Mbps Up) (Airtel & ACT) with full IPv6 Connectivity and Static IPv4 address space. It’ll be helpful for anyone trying to establish secure connection to their server as they can whitelist office IPs and blacklist everything else.

I’ll be available in the same location 5 Days a week for anyone interested in learning Cloud security and optimisation.