Starting a discourse form! Have some questions

Hi everyone,

I want to install discourse on one of my sites. I have the following questions. Any help is seriously appreciated:-

  1. Which vultr plan should I select in start ?
  2. Apart from hosting cost, what other things I need to purchase ? I know it needs an Email service like Mailgun but it is like 35$/month (post 5000 emails ), is there any better cheaper alternative?
  3. I don’t want to install it on subdomain but on a subdirectory , Is it a possible option or subdirectory is better ?
  4. How easy is to have adsense approval for discourse forums?
  5. How much technical knowledge is required to manage it and protect things ?

Any other tips for beginners are also appreciated.

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  1. Singapore, Cloud Compute, 2GB RAM plan for the best experience with Automatic Backup enabled.

  2. I strongly recommend AWS SES for SMTP, AWS S3 for automatic Backup. Cost: INR ~ 19/mo
    (When you create a new SES account it goes in Sandbox, you need to describe use case by writing support ticket before you can start using.)

  3. Domain or Subdomain is officially supported. Subdirectory way is not recommended.

  4. Plugin and Update installation requires manual work. A little mistake can break. Always keep backup and use Two Factor auth for all Cloud services accounts.


@BLOGGING_SURGEON what’s your forum about? I would like to join.

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Thankyou for the response sir.

Much appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks again.

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Its about a niche related to self improvement. I am planning to launch it in coming few months.

Thanks for showing interest in joining it. I will make sure, I leave you a ping when I start it :slight_smile:

Thank you.