Stay Away From Godaddy, BIG FRAUD

Few Days back i purchased a domain from GoDaddy, the domain was the direct keyword and within few days only I was getting immense traffic, trust me domain looks very premium, today I wake up and checked my site is down, I checked vultr, but everything was fine there, when I checked my Goddady account, it shows empty.
My domain was not there, i checked whois and shocked, they have changed by Nameservers and at the place of registrant name “Repossessed by Go Daddy” was showing
I contacted the support, they were saying that the domain was blocked due to Fraud and spam, but there was no reality in that, they were asking for 3000 for restarting the domain.

I said I would go to consumer forum, they returned my money, domain price (700INR) and said I can’t access that domain, and I am pretty sure they would sell the domain at a premium price.

My Advice To You Guys, Please transfer your Domain from GODADDY, Anything can happen any day
there are too many stories about them on the internet.


Interesting, but you could have paid 3000 bucks and secured the domain since it was bringing immense traffic.


I don’t use GoDaddy for anything. :pray:


what if they demand 6000 next time?

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Still. You could have paid 3000, secured domain and transferred to other registrant.


there was condition (by godaddy) that, i can’t transfer domain for next 60 days

Thanks to you :blush:
For the suggestion to transfer my domain from GoDaddy to CloudFlare. :slight_smile:

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How much does it cost of renewal price in cloudflare?
& I am using Bluehost for domain is that fine or difference between Cloudflare & Bluehost for domain??

On CloudFlare it costs around $8 per domain. It’s only the renewal fee that cloudflare charges. I would recommend you to move your domain to CloudFlare,. It’s quite cheap.

cc- @PrakashGohel

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You are right it’s cost around 8$ it’s really very cheap, my host is changing 18$ renewal price & new add-on price 12$.

  • Still I have 60 day for renewal when to transfer to Cloudflare?
  • Can we able to register new domain at Cloudflare because I didn’t find registration page.

I would recommend to transfer domain 10days before renewal time comes.

No you can’t register a new domain.

If you registered or transferred your domain name less than 60 days ago, then your domain is locked by your current registrar for security reasons. This lock cannot be removed, but don’t worry, you have 90 days to complete the transfer .

This rule is applicable to all registar.

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I am more than 6+ years client with GoDaddy, after reading your post – I contacted with GoDaddy and asked for the domain block/suspend reasons, they told,

  1. If the domain was using someone and that was a trademark by some company – in that case – it may be blocked or suspended. An example I have read it earlier I think you guys are also aware of it – A Google Employee purchase Google’s domain and when the domain registrar found it, they refund the money and domain was registered with Google again and Google also paid a few dollars to that employee and he donated that money.
  2. If you’re using shared hosting and getting good traffic with found virus or scam-related content – In that case domain can be suspended to keep safe other shared hosted website’s content.

I am just sharing these points because many bloggers are registered with them and they are also getting good traffic and after reading this post – they may feel fear (I felt after reading it).

I just wanted to continue the discussion. Are you sure? Both these points are cleared by you.

I also checked some of the website on different niches and found that they are using GoDaddy through whois information,
MissMalini.Com  :joy:

I have had nearly 160+ customers who registered with GoDaddy migrated their registrar’s to me. Even though, Duggu was correct, but many cases seems to suspicious. I had two clients who got their account blocked for no reason. Since their renewal is nearing, they feared of losing their domain name. But Gods grace, they got their account back exactly 3 days before renewal.
As I have helped them to get their account back, they have transferred their domain names to my services. Since GoDaddy is a very big company, it’s difficult to get our voice to reach there and get our issues resolved. Some people fails and some wins. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Whatever reason they should send prior notice to customer before directly taking down domain. Suddenly hi-jacking domain doesn’t sounds professional.


Not only GoDaddy, most of the Top brands have been doing like this only. Termination, suspension will be done with or without prior notice. If we ask, they will simply say, it’s our policy and you are requested to read and understand. Practically, it’s not possible to learn those long policies.
Brands never care about startups, and small companies, individuals.

I have read about this case. But, in this case the registrar was Google Domains itself not a third party.

I also got one of my domain got taken away after registration and completing the payment. It was I don’t think that it violated any rules as explained by @DUGGU

Completely agree with you.

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