Still Google Love AMP?

End of May Google will rolling out Page Experience update. After That does Google still favored AMP or leave it to die?

I am using Google AMP in my Blog & getting 70-80% traffic from AMP-enabled posts.

AMP might help to improve my ranking but generating less revenue.
Here is my question should remove it? if I remove it properly, does it affect on ranking?

You need to look at what kind of traffic you are getting

Amp is crucial for news type traffic. Discover traffic

But if above 2 are not there, then apply full cache delivery via cloudflare or bunny or sucuri and you are good to go.

I feel amp affects revenue a lot. And if you are not in news or discover then amp doesn’t matter. Beaten a lot of amp sites in serps to know that it doesn’t matter.

Also if you see a future in news or discover then too don’t remove amp. Transferring urls from amp to non amp is very tedious process

According to google the latest update, AMP doesn’t require to presence on News & Discover Feeds.

Still after saying that google still Favour AMP for ranking?

So do u think google will tell u how to exactly rank :slight_smile: has it ever done that. Or has it always kept it open to interpretation.

U just open ur discover feed and check the AMP display vs non AMP. Check CTR ability of those. 9 times out of 10 u will click those who have large image.

That large Image comes only in AMP sites. Doesnt come in non amp.

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