Still haven't got the payment from Adsense

Anyone having the same problem?


Which Bank?

A few months ago, I also received it too late, like 1st of the next month. (Today is Sunday, so tomorrow maybe.)

State Bank of India

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Wait till tomorrow and then contact your Bank, And if you don’t get the payment even after that then request the SWIFT Copy from AdSense and approach your bank with it.

Same here, I called the bank manager and they me told that they are very busy, so by Wednesday, the money will be deposited in the account.

Private banks are better.
They work and respond quickly.

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Try default swift code


I just received yesterday.

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I’m also facing the same issue! This is happening for the first time that I haven’t receive my payment till now!

My bank is UBI and earlier I was getting paid in just 3 days !

I’m surprised :hushed: cause both are saying contact with Adsense and Contact with your Bank :bank:

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Try this interactive form

I am also facing with UBI bank.


Did you received you payment?

I received payment in UBI on 1st September

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No dear, I am still waiting. Tomorrow I will contact my branch manager. What steps have you taken so far?

I used the troubleshooter link mentioned above by @GulshanKumar.

Adsense sent me SWIFT (UTR) code and told me to show this to my bank and my bank is telling that we can’t do anything with these codes…

Where did you go Foreign exchange branch or local branch?

Update: I received the August Payment.

If you haven’t received payment after 15 business days, follow the below instructions:

  1. Fill out this form with your registered email address.
  2. Once you have done, Wait for a few days. (Google will provide you UTR Code)
  3. Tell your story and send an email to your bank with UTR code. (if doesn’t work)
  4. Contact your nearest Foreign Exchange branch with UTR code.

You can find the UBI Foreign Exchange branch address by clicking this link.

Hope this helps for you.

Special thanks to, @nvnbalakrishna, @BihariLala, @pramod, @razor.


I still haven’t got the payment

Which bank are you using? Have you sent any email?