Stopping .htacess from editing?

Hi there,

I manage the health care Wp website for my client.

So, there is an option that will restrict .htaccess file from editing.

So I turn ON this option. > It will stop .htaccess file from editing.

Should I do it?

Note: We are continuously adding content to our website in order to increase traffice of patients.

This option is inside Really Simple SSL plugin

Stop editing the .htaccess file ??

Note: We are continuously adding content to

You can do it without any problem.

If there any redirection/post not opening issue (rarely), delete the file from file manager, then go to Wp Admin>Settings>Permalinks>Save Changes.

However, the purpose of

in really simple ssl plugin indicates that the plugin (only) will not write anything further to the .htaccess file. (I Guess)

Please share a full screenshot.