Strange behavior Organic traffic and Rankings

I have seen a strange thing on my site as the traffic drops but sometimes I saw that the real time traffic is showing too much users but it is entirely different if you see in organic and direct. Why i am having these figures on real time that is totally different. Can anyone analyse the site and please let me know if there any issue from technical side or anything because I have seen quick changes in my organic traffic and keywords and I am not sure whether it’s a spam or genuine traffic. I have also attached a screenshot of sudden changes in real time traffic

It might be bots , when you see an unusual surge in real time visitors.

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I am facing the same problem.
Real-time traffic is showing 33 but actual traffic on active pages 5.

I thing there is buck in google analytics. Others check your accounts ringht now.

A recent update now traffic on active pages 5 but real-time zero.

I think there is buck today.

How to stop them even I think that affecting on my organic rankings

Why this happening and I am curious to know about it if it is a bad affect on my site

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I think it was a bug and no issue on my website’s analytics report.
What about you?

Use wordfence to stop unnecessary bots or you can also limit crawl rate. Elsewise its not a serious concern as such or should not effect your organic rankings atleast