Subdirectory and subdomain

What is the difference between subdirectory and subdomain? Can both be used using cloudflare? @GulshanKumar

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For e.g. If you run a Blogging based website and you want to add a coupon/deals area you can proceed in two ways :-

  1. ( This is case of Subdomain )
  2. ( This is case of Subdirectory )

Subdomains are treated as seperate new sites by search engines . Hence you get no SEO value assosciated with primary domain.

This is not the case with subdirectory though.


yes, both can be used in CF. In case of subdomain, point IP to its server using A record.

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Can’t we get DA benefits if start any blog in different language. What about the ads approval for subdomain.

I don’t think so. might have high DA but it doesn’t mean a new-* will get same benefit.


Ok got it
One doubt. In subfolder do we also need to install seperate word press in same server or we can use other server too

You need to install separate WordPress but on the same server. You cannot use a separate server for subdirectory but for subdomain you can use a different server.

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What is the benefit of installung a subdirectory better can’t we use that as a category in blog

A subfolder need to be on the same server.

A subdomain can have seperate server.

Under a single domain name, you can host sub-domains in either format “Sub-directory” and/or “sub-domain”.

  1. yourwebsite (dot) com/subdomain (sub-directory based subdomain)
  2. subdomain . yourdomain (dot) com (sub-domain means the folder will be located outside the root folder of your main domain)

In WordPress, you have to install a separate WordPress by creating a sub-folder inside the root folder (or) by creating a sub-folder outside the root folder. You can decide on your own choice based on your convenience.

Sub-domain structure acts as a separate domain and you have to perform all SEO activities separately.
But, in sub-folder structure, your sub-domain will receive all benefits does your root domain earns.
But it’s not advisable, because, if your root domain was penalized by Google, sub-domain in this case also will get affected and you will loose rankings.

Go with the separate sub-domain model for the safe journey.

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Thanks sir

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