Sucuri + BunnyCDN VS Cloudflare Pro Plan comparison

If I started a WordPress blog With Sucuri WAF
Basic plan + BunnyCDN combo & another I started same blog with Cloudflare Pro plan, so which should be best for Speed, Security and many other things?

I am Request to all experts please to that comparison and share you great option :slight_smile:

I think, first option. Here’s why.

  • Sucuri - it can provide Web Firewall as well as it can manage page cache with its plugin.

  • Bunnycdn - while you can use at subdomain with longer cache.

Cloudflare can make first TTFB Slow and doesn’t work properly in India.

If it possible Can share any speed comparison tests?

Right now, I don’t have any account with them. So, I cannot try. But I have seen good performance when I was using its services.

One more thing, I think cost wise first option would be more cheaper than paying $20/mo

Please can you clarify that for me?

I mean, at BunnyCDN Pullzone settings keep File Cache Expiration Time: Override 1 year

For blog, who update their one post in a week. So which Cache Expiration Time is best for that?

At BunnyCDN: for static content, 1 year as I shared above in the screenshot.

At Sucuri: For HTML caching, keep Enabled (Recommended) option. This will make site globally faster and will improve TTFB also.


For Dynamic Content (blog) what best setting?


But i see that on Sucuri Blog it’s saying that “they will be cached for 3 hours”. Is this best for startup dynamic blogs?

On this caching case i think Cloudflare pro plan is better. Tell your opinion.

Long cache TTL is ideally better, they are already providing official WordPress plugin which will purge cache automatically whenever required, when you update new post, pages, etc. Many big sites which are hourly updated, I know are using same way.

Sucuri more safer then cloudflare. If u want to keep the site safe, sucuri is better. Wont recommend cloudflare because their firewall is not upto mark.

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Which? Sucuri Plugin?

Sorry! I forgot to mention.

Here you go …