Sudden Jump in Bounce Rate

Hi Guys, in the last 4-5 days… the bounce rate on my blog jumped from 5-6% to 70-80%.

I used to get 5-6% BR for 100-150 pageviews/per day and now I’m getting 70-80% for the same number of page views.

I’m wondering whether this is because of slow page speed or anything else?

Earlier, If you had bounce rate 5% then it was wrong in the first place. Because that is unnatural.

Normally, a site will have bounce rate of 50-70% and that’s perfectly normal.

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okay. thank you.

You’re welcome!

My avg bounce rate is 25 to 35%… what do you mean by its unnatural?

Also how to identify if there is any bot traffic to my site?

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25-35% sounds bit abnormal again. This happens when you have few more kinds of tracking together such as clicks, scroll-depth, double GA code, etc

Ok ill double check the tags im using in my site.

@GulshanKumar You’re right. It seems that there was analytics code installed directly and also as Google Tag manager.

Yesterday morning I’ve removed the Gtag one.

Since that time, and today I’m seeing average session duration is hardly 10 secs and the Bounce rate is 90 %.

Is this still fine? Or my bounce rate is higher now?

Higher is possible. Depending on web page quality and visitor’s intention for the same.

I have a bounce rate 28-31%. Earlier it was 75-80%. Once I implement ezoic, it went down to 30%.

What’s ezoic ? Can you please elaborate?

Thats adjusted bounce rate.

A blog monetization platform that uses AI to automatically place advt and offer more revenue than AdSense. (Experimental).

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What do you mean by adjusted bounce rate. Actually, I see the bounce rate in my google analytics.