Sudden Traffic Drop! What to do?

Hi everyone,

I hope you all have been doing good and safe with the deadly virus. I will directly come to the main point.

This all started in April 2020 that my traffic drop was 3-4% every-day constantly. Every morning I wake up and feel fear to even see the google analytics and sometimes I even avoided opening the app/website.

I had not made any changes before April so I can not even understand the reason why did it happen. I always have had been a frequent publisher (3-4 articles per week).

I could never know or understand what mistake I did or would have happened which caused an intense drop in my traffic.

I wish it never happen to any blogger rather they grow because this is the worst experience A blogger could experience, Ever!

I have this request to all of you that if any one of you has had such experience and anything turned out positive for you blog please kindly share with me.

I am in such depression that I can not even express the whole feeling of me that how am I feeling nowadays after losing everything for which I struggled a lot and sacrifice many things of my life.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions that might help you to understand the cause more thoroughly.

Aakash Sharma.


It would be great if you can share your site, or more insight in the problem.
Your description was not relevant to come to any conclusions.

Niche: Electronic components such as RAM, processors etc.

Traffic was 30-40K a day, later it dropped to 10-14K.

The drop started in April and I lost majority share of my traffic in May after the core update.

Please pm me the site so i can have a closer look at the articles.

  1. It could be article going irrelevant due to change in tech.
  2. it could be the update itself
    3)Quality and choice of topic also matters a lot.
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Me too, facing the same issue

I am afraid I can not share the link of my blog because the blog is in partnership and he strictly recommended me not to share the link to anyone and I have given him my word so.

It would be great if you rather tell something with your experience that might help me.

Hi, @Astro I am very glad to see you here :slight_smile: You may have been forgotten me but we had quite some good discussion on SML. Happy to see you again.

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Without the link we cannot really help! There can be any technical issue or maybe quality issue or any other thing.

If you need generic advice then you can refer to this article:

Best is to get an SEO audit to see if you can find the problem. From the niche you shared, you must be using affiliate links so that can also create issues. But guessing won’t help! Try and get someone to look at your site.


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