Suggesion needed about a decision


I am part time tech blogger and full time a Sr programmer, I earn double to triple of my salary from blogging.
It has been 8 years of my job in the same company and I am fed up with day time job and my interest is the blogging. Per day I do 3-4 hours and update around 7-8 post and my plan is to update 25 posts per day.
I want to leave the job and start full time blogging.
Is this my decision is good or not?

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You can. But don’t rely on adsense only. Make sure you get good affiliate earning from your blog. If yes, then you are good.

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it is definitely a go ahead!
Although i might suggest to have atleast 2 blog going so there is an alternative if one gets hit or something.
PS i have noticed when i was doing blogging part time and writing one post daily i thought doing it full time i can write 4, but i was pretty wrong. I hardly made it to two.



Definitely I have some of the alternative options online – that I will start like I am good in tech writing, tutions - I may start trainings also



Hello @DUGGU, hope you are doing very well. Here I can give you this tips with my little knowledge.

You quit your current job and join any other job, which has less salary and less pressure but you will get enough time for yourself. On that free time you can easily work on your websites (I know you are a very hardworking person).

I think, Adsense and other ad networks are very much uncertain, so never trust them blindly. Anytime they can change their policies. So attach with any job (in a smaller post). It will take your few times from the days, but it will give you some metal satisfaction.



I am planning for it - like corporate training on programming languages, as I have more than 8 years experience

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@DUGGU I also love blogging and currently earning good using Adsense. But I would never leave my job because

  1. Most of the times I blog about what I work on in office. I am also a programmer.
  2. I feel more confident about my job and less stress bcos of alternate Adsense income I have.
  3. Online changes are more rapid and can really close any business. Take for example organizations now don’t call external trainers but give employees access to safaribooksonline or use udemy business to upgrade skills.
  4. Before leaving job make sure you are earning good with other income than Adsense. May be a good course on udemy or pluralsight will earn you nice amount.
  5. Also finally have a strong bank balance and less liabities at least in initial phase if you are making change :blush:.
    Hope it helps
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