Suggest an Online Test Making Plugin

I want to create an online test where students can give test through MCQs and get their result immediately and along with that I also get a copy of result of that particular student.

I have tested this plugin and found good

It’s also used by @sajjad to create online mock tests for students in his website.

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Hmm… So you are planning to create edu website?

Yup. But that’s a client project. I don’t have enough time to manage two blog why would i start another one.

@sajjad does this plugin let you get individual results of everyone who attend the test.

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I just had tried it once.
Check its abilities, I hope it has covered all.

Yes, you can check individual results using this quiz plugin.

I mean individually. I checked and gave a mcq but it didn’t ask for my details before starting the quiz. How i can get to know which student scored how much.

Please whatsapp me on 9305814247
I want to discuss with you.

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There is a option to enable this feature in the plugin settings.

Don’t publicly disclose number until it’s very much required. Otherwise :robot::robot::robot: will spam you.

Don’t worry. That’s my business phone number. Its almost everywhere available on different platforms. I only use Internet & WhatsApp through this number no calls nothing(Jio-Fi Sim) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Umm… I think Namaste LMS plugin does that. :thinking:

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