Suggest some good Ad Networks for my website

I have a website that is currently getting more that 3.5k visitors daily.

But, AdSense is not working for me. Can you guys suggest me some good websites that pay good amount.

Major Traffic comes from U.S.


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adsense is best :slight_smile:

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adsense is best :slight_smile:

You can try Newor media

Try mediavine.
If you have over 1lakh pageview then adthrive works best for it.
Mediavine pays around 15-20$ RPM, thats what i got last month. Adthrive pays approximately the same sometimes better but user experience is best in adthrive as no. Of ads are less and earning is more.
Adsense is the worst possible monetization strategy.
My website used to get 2-3$ rpm at adsense and approx 10$ with ezoic. Currently it gets over 15$ with mediavine. I plan to move it to adthrive once i hit the pageview mark anythime this year!
Adthrive on my other site gives around 17$ rpm. So here you go!
There are a few things to keep in mind while applying for these networks.

  1. orignal quality content and good formatting.
  2. good logo, branding and navigation.
  3. search for controversial words like Gun, Sex(gender), kill etc and replace it with appropriate words. Even words like gluegun sometimes prohibits the entry as they use AI to search for these terms that blacklists the site.

If you have such an audience you should also try info products like ebook and courses. Unlike indian audience US audience loves to read and they will buy it if it is priced right and have good info! I definitely get a book atleast when i reach that mark! P.S. it sometimes earn more than ads and affiliate combined!

My website have articles related to this, actually against it but they contain this word

You’re not a blogger.


Replace word with gender or something else if possible. Nevertheless you can still give a shot

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Freestar - one of the best I have tried by far ( my main ad network atm)
snigelweb - works with only premium publisher. ( freestar worked better from me)
valueimpression - Good cpm, ads are not responsive. (using their video ad)
pixfuture - Good cpm but not much on fill rate. (not using them anymore)

If you don’t get much clicks on ads trust me switch to cpm network. I used to be one of those people saying adsense was best and blah blah but after switch to cpm not going back to adsense any time soon.

How does freestar comapre to mediavine?
What is the average rpm you get?

I have not tried mediavine yet, but heard a good thing about them.

With freestar I am getting around $0.40-$0.50 cpm rate.

try Media .net check out my earlier posts to see how to get additional 50% signup bonus >> Preffered Program - Get a bonus of 10% to 50% over and above in Ad earnings

Mediavine averages around 1.5-2.5$ cpm while the average rpm is generally above 15$

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damn that is huge. Well i applied for them but I was denied because of low us traffic.

Can you elaborate? Are you saying you get usd 15 for 1000 pageviews.

That does not sound right.

They calculate it as per session so its around 16-17$ per 1000 session that approximately 14-15$ per 1000pageviews.
Also,january february was was the worst incase of mediavine rpms. You can expect 20$+ in june, sept-dec. On an average!!
I know that sounds like crazy if you have only tried adsense or medianet till date. But if you begin a blog with proper monetization strategy in mind. Choosinf the right niche and topics you can easily get into one of the premium ad brokers like Mediavine and Adthrive. These netwrks pays you way beyond what you expect from adsense and medianet.

@Suprim What’s your CPM & Fillrate with Valueimpression?

I got to know Valueimpression videos takes more time to load. Is that true?

I am not using them right now. I was using their video ad and was getting around $5-$8 cpm rate with 90% fill rate Really good.

The reason I am not using them is because their video ad some ads autoplay with sound and you can’t pause the ad. Most of my post are videos so visitors can’t watch the main video because the ad is playing in the background.

If you have a written article then you will be fine but it is quite annoying when ad keeps on playing with sound. I have told them about the issue but they have not fixed it till now.

The ad was loading fine for me.