Suggest some good Ad Networks for my website

That is crazy. Never seen ad network paying that much. Yeah adsense and medianet are average among these guys.

Hi @saurav_556
Could you please provide me some information,
I have a website traffic of 190K sesisons monthly.
About 40K sessions from US. Another 40K are from tier 1 countries.
It is a technical tutorial for Python, Java.
Do you think such sites are accepted by mediavine.
Also how much time it takes for approval process if i apply.

You can gove it a shot.
Although all premium network prefers more of US traffic as it is what pays more.
Once you fill the form they will ask for analytics in a particular format.(Within 2 days).
You can expect a waiting time of 4-7 days.
If they are going to reject you you will get it within a few days itself.
Once approved they will ask for more details and stuff.
The whole process takes well over 15 days before ads show up.
You can run your current ad network till last 2 days. Then they will ask to pull it away!
Here is some more official info

After you apply here is how it goes:-
Step 3: Thank you for applying!

Thanks so much for filling out our Mediavine Publisher application. We’re so excited to get the approval process started!

We do the approval process first before you give notice to any ad partners you currently work with so that if we run into a problem we haven’t created an awkward situation for you.

This process starts with verifying your traffic for our ad partners.

Our network partners require that we only bring on publishers with 25,000 sessions or more and who are in good standing with Google. If you’ve ever banned, rejected or had a unresolved policy violation with Google Adsense, we won’t be able to bring you on at this time.

These thresholds assure the advertisers that the traffic we are sending to them is engaged, high-quality traffic, and worth bidding on.

We ask that you verify that your site’s monthly traffic by running a report out of Google Analytics using a template that has been approved by our ad partners, and emailing us the results.

Please follow these steps to do this:

  1. From the Chrome browser, log out of all your Google accounts and then log into ONLY the account that your Google Analytics is attached to.
  2. [Visit this URL]. It will take you to your Google Analytics and create a template of the dashboard we need from your analytics automatically.
  3. Clicking the link will bring you to a page with a list of views for you to choose from. Choose the profile and view that reaches analytics for your entire site from the drop down menu. (If you have set up multiple views previously, you will see these listed. If you have not, you should only see one view.)
  4. Change the time period to the last 30 days.
  5. Near the top of the page you have the option to Export a report. Please export as a PDF and email that report as an attachment to You can also reply to this email and attach it to the reply if you’d like!

Thanks so much and we look forward to working together soon! If you have any trouble at all with the template, please let me know. Depending on application volumes, it can take a week or two to review your PDF and get approvals back from our partners. We are working through these as quickly as possible, so we appreciate your patience!​

Step 4: Send Google Analytics Report

Step 5: Response from Mediavine

Hey ,

Just sending a quick hello and letting you know that we received your application!

From here, we work on a review of your site and PDF internally and with our partners to make sure that the partnership will be a good fit. We will touch base as soon as your application has been reviewed to let you know what steps are next.

Talk more soon!

Step 6: AdExchange application

Hey ,

Thank you for sending over your Google Analytics report.

Our next step is to make sure you are approved as a partner within our Google AdExchange. We’ve started the application process for our other network partners on your behalf, but Google requires that their AdExchange application be done by the publisher directly.

You’ll be receiving an application soon that will come from DoubleClick for Publishers with the subject line, “Invitation to register with Mediavine, Inc.” Please complete that application as soon as possible. It typically takes 10-14 business days after that application is complete before we hear back from all of our ad partners. Once we do, we’ll be in touch with the decision and the next steps in the process.

We look forward to working with you. Please let us know if you have any questions, or need any assistance. We’re happy to help!

Step 7: Congratulations! Your Mediavine application has been approved.

We’re sending out your contract next via Sign Now. For an overview of how Mediavine’s launch process goes, keep reading below.

Short version:

We will work with you every step of the way to get your site launched as quickly as possible. Most sites launch within a week of signing their contract, but this can vary a bit depending on many factors. If you ever have any questions, we’re here and happy to help!

Long version:

As we head into the launch process I wanted to make sure that you have an idea of the different steps and approximate timelines for each.

The first step is to get you your contract. I’ll be sending that out shortly, and it’ll arrive via a service called “Sign Now”. If you don’t see it come through in the next few hours please let us know!

Once we get the automated notification that your contract is signed your site will get a quick inspection. We’re going to check and make sure your analytics are installed correctly, that your sidebar (if you have one), is the proper size for ads (300px wide with a breakpoint between 768 and 1023), and that your site is responsive and has a mobile theme installed. If we find anything that needs fixing we’ll reach out and let you know, and walk you through getting it taken care of.

After your site passes the pre-launch inspection, it is time to get the site prepped for launch! We need to set up your dashboard here in our backend, and that can take a little bit depending on how many sites we are launching that week. We’ll reach out and let you know as soon as we are ready to have you complete your part of the setup, or the “Next Steps”, as we lovingly refer to them. We aim to have this email to you within a week of completing your contract.

When you get all of the preparations completed and you let us know they are done, we’ll look everything over to make sure everything is set for launch. Next we give you the go-ahead to pull any existing ads you are running. Don’t pull your ads before this point. This only includes programmatic and CPM-based ad units. Affiliate ads are fine to continue running.

After your ads are pulled, clear your cache and let us know and we’ll check to make sure you didn’t miss any of the old ads, and then launch your new Mediavine ads!

The whole process is very painless, typically requires much less than an hour of your time total (depending on how your existing ads are installed), and if you get stuck at any point just reach out and let us know. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

Looking forward to working together soon!


Step 7: Sign Contract

Step 8: WP Theme Adjustment (if applicable)

Thanks so much for completing our contract.

Prior to launch we take a in-depth look at your site. While completing this pre-launch inspection, we found one thing that will need to be fixed before we can get started placing ads on your site. With your current setup, as your page shrinks in width your sidebar also shrinks in width.

Since our ads in your sidebar will have a fixed width of 300 pixels, this means that some users could see part of the sidebar ads cut off, which could put you at risk for an ad policy violation.

We need your sidebar adjusted so that it remains a minimum of 300px wide whenever it is beside the content. In addition, the sidebar must remain beside the content on all screens greater than 1023px in width. This ensures that all users on all devices see the ads properly.

Our team of Support Engineers are happy to take a look and help make these changes on your site, at no charge to you.

If you would like our assistance, please create a WordPress Administrator account (with Admin permissions) for and send us the login credentials using this secure form so we can properly address the issue.

If you are not on WordPress, please contact us for further information. Please reach out if you have any questions, and we look forward to getting your new ads live soon!

To Be Continued


It is the bad campaign cause this, VI always setup auto muted, But some of them try to bypass demands setting. Recently they have blocked some of bad demands which may cause this - And have not got any complain.
If you want to run the ads again kindly share your website name in the message to me - you will never find such issues.

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I did talk to them on skype regarding this issue. But they did not fix it so had to remove them.

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Its sad to hear about it - now the issues have been fixed (as per my discussion with the team - since I don’t know your name still I confirmed about this issue) , whenever you want to use them again - must update me. it’s my promise you will never such issue.

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Thanks. I will contact them.

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Which ad network are you using on your site, Duggu?

I never faced any issues with their video ad. Their video ads are amazing.

hi @Arshi how does newor media perform. can you please share some details. I think they need more US traffic

@Naaz, I’m using them. As of now they are okay.
Your niche matters. Even, if you have more traffic from the tier 1 country and your niche is not super good then don’t expect more money from them.

Their ads loads super fast and support is too good. Payment will be on time net 30+

Just give a try.

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Yes, niche matters. And earlier they used to accept websites having minimum 30k monthly visitors. But they’ve changed the minimum traffic requirement now.

If you want, I can talk with my publisher success manager regarding this.

@Prabhu thanks for this information. Can you please share what RPM you currently get using them. I know you said it differs based on niche. Still it will give me an idea. Also can we use passback ads with newor media ads. Again thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @saurav_556,

I’m trying to get approved by Mediavine. They just sent me an email saying I should expect an invitation from DoubleClick for publishers. I’m currently with an ad network that manages my inventory through Google AdExcange. Do I need a new approval to grant Mediavine access to my inventory? Thanks for your time!

Yes, thats an internal thing. Do it.
Congrats that step means you are already passed through the application process!
It might take 7-10 days to get it started!
You dont need to put down your current ad yet!

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Hi @saurav_556, Mediavine just replied with:

"Great news! All of our ad network approvals are back, so you are free to put in your notice with your current network. Once you hear back from them on a final end date, let us know and we’ll get you on our launch calendar for that day.

If you’re given the approval by your current ad manager to remove ads at any time, please make sure to leave your existing ads in place as we work through the launch process; this will help mitigate any loss of income during the switch".

I didn’t receive any official approval email but I guess I’m in! I’m so excited; this is my 5th Mediavine application.

Yes you are in.
Tell them you can remove the existing ad anytime and ask for further process


Hi @saurav_556

The only problem is my current ad manager- SHE Media Partner Network requires me to send them a notice 60 days before my contract ends. I joined them on April 27th last year. My contract renews every 6 months. If I remove my ads manually, they’ll withhold my remaining revenue especially if I’m moving to a new ad network. I’m in a tight corner right now!