Suggestion for domain renewal at GoDaddy

I am having my website domain name on go daddy
and hosting on-site ground with inbuilt CDN

I planned for 5 years of domain renewal and go daddy says it is 7700 with domain privacy
5000 with domain privacy.

Just wanted to know the options I can have at this moment
like saw in this forum, GOOGLE cdn and cloud hosting etc.

So quite confused on whether to renew 5 years from goo daddy
or transfer it …
Please suggest .

My math site is having 100 USA visitors per day just in case it helps.

Thanks in advance

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Better, transfer it to Cloudflare. That will cost less.

will contact the cloudflare for the same thank you!

Currently my page avg load time is around 30 sec as per google analytics.
I am on the basic plan of site ground.

Will shifting to cloud hosting improve the page load time ?Like I saw digital ocean is good for cloud .

Since you will get dedicated resources at Cloud server as per selected plan, performance will dramatically improve.

I transfer my domains to namesilo renewal charges are quite low, $6 a year with free whois guard.

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In a long run, which works out to be good ? nameselio or the cloudfare?

I have never tried Namesilo. I am using Cloudflare.

cc @BLOGGING_SURGEON How was your experience with namesilo?

I used their services for an year.

  1. Never felt the need of contacting support but i donot think they had online chat support. ( One reason to avoid them )
  2. Their pricing system was not much creepy like Godaddy. Renewal costs were not higher as well
  3. Their dashboard is quite old fashioned and dull and it seems not updated from last 5-6 years.

Otherwise it is not a bad registrar really. But again switching all domains to cloudflare since donot wanna manage two credentials ( one for cdn and one for registrar )


Use this

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I am using Namesilo for several years and have no complain about their service.

They do have an online chat option and they reply really quick

How i found Namesilo is an interesting story. I was searching for my first domain name on Godaddy back in 2015. After trying several names i found a name available . Back then i used to have a slow internet connection so the page was not loading properly; i refreshed the page and searched for the domain again and boom the domain was gone.

I became a victim of domain name front running by Godaddy. They stole the domain and sold it to a cloud company 3 months later; this domain still redirect to that company.

Then i searched on Google “why not use godaddy” and it returned with several articles exposing their unethical business practices. After that day i never visited Godaddy again.

After being cheated by Godaddy i was searching for a registrar that do not steal customers’ domain. I researched and found Namesilo was suggested on several forums by domain resellers with big domain portfolios. Since then i always search my domain on Namesilo and they never stole any domain.

I have also used Namecheap they are also good but pricing of Namesilo is better so i prefer them. Namesilo have also better rating than Namecheap and Goddady on Trustpilot (

I would suggest use any registrar that fulfill your needs but avoid Godaddy as Polonium-210.


Thanks for the clarity provided.I am concluding almost to the domain service provider.
I am stuck at the CDN part .
Site ground currently provides CDN as a part of the basic purchase .
I had decided to move to digital ocean for cloud hosting after site-ground hosting expiry .

So do I need to think of any additional CDN service providers when I take up cloud hosting?Or does cloud hosting default covers the job done by CDN.

I am having two options in front of me.

  1. Take namesilo now to transfer the domain, Migrate to cloud hosting after site ground basic word press hosting expires.(assuming CDN is taken care in cloudhosting by digital ocean)

2)Take cloud fare now for transfer the domain , Take up additional CDN with cloud fare ( along site ground which is already providing if benifitial). Later move to digital ocean for cloud hosting after siteground expiry.(Do not know whether to continue purchasing CDN of cloud fare after taking cloud-hosting).

Please let me know whether my conclusions are rational.
Thank you!

Adding CDN won’t help.

A CDN is generally helpful when you have global Audience or what to serve large files such as Video content. If that is your usage case, you can choose a CDN else avoid and save money.

Transfer your domain to NameCheap(free domain privacy lifetime) or Cloudflare.

Just now transferred to cloadflare.
I removed the total privacy option in go daddy since it asked t o do so for transferring.

And in the cloud flare account it say transfer is in progress.

After the domain transfer cloud flare gives the domain privacy right?
Or anything extra need to be paid?

Now currently the website is not loading is this expected?

Yes for top TLD.

Landed into troubles :frowning:
Not able to change the name servers
the name servers are from site ground.

Any suggestion what to do please?

They don’t allow changing NS. However, why do you want to change? Your site should be working any way.

In case your site is down, you may need to update DNS records manually.

  • Login to Siteground cPanel
  • Go to Advanced DNS (Note: You don’t need to make any changes there) of cPanel.

Put same kind of records at Cloudflare DNS page.

A - - Siteground IP address
CNAME - www -