Suggestion for hiring a wordpresss developer

am Murali. I want to hire one wordpress developer to fix some of errors and to fix errors in google search console. I have hosting plan with godaddy managed hosting plan. what are the things to take care before giving my website details to developer like password , username and so on. any suggestions

You can share the website username, password through Lastpass so the developer won’t be able to see those things.

lasstpass means?

When people Hire me on wordpress they add me ad provide me access to posts, theme editor, plugins, setting

  • Please take a full backup that can be restored, before starting work.

  • Make a list of things that you want to get it done, ask for Quote. Now, don’t change it.

  • Set a time frame and budget under you need.

  • If you do not like something, that’s okay. Help to understand your concern and get it fixed.

  • If you are happy with final result, offer tip to encourage doing more better for you in future.