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Hello, my dear friends,

deleting a thin content blog post is good practice? Are there any SEO ranking effects?
Do thin content posts show negative effect on the blog ranking?

Thank you.

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Improve or redirect to relevant better version. If you cannot decide between this two, you can delete.

404 is completely okay and it can be made useful by showing proper

  • Search Box
  • Recent posts

The latest update seems to be hit to the people with thin content.

Google is being more serious about this nowadays.

Also, you might get some indexing issues with thin content as well. :grin:

By thin content you mean content with less number of words?

In 2020, focus on writing long content for your blog which are not less than 2500words. Google believes long content will have more value. Also, do not forget to enrich your long text content with images, tables, bullets, blockquotes, etc.
Presentation matters a lot. Also, you can remove the thin content and enable Redirect to most relevant long article in your blog. It’s better than showing 404…

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How about news articles?

Almost any news published on the Internet will have some expiration. So, first add no-index to very old posts. Observe your Webmaster’s and once those links were removed in Google, you then remove in your site.