Suggestions needed regarding comment system (developers only!)


i dont know but still…


yeah maybe i will do that


Okay best of luck! Don’t forget to show me the site when it’s live :wink:


i will open source the whole project maybe in next 20 days or so!
open source is always the king :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@anon54276374 @iamHappy @supx is it necessary to generate thumbnails of the uploaded images?


I never do that


but i have an image selector


Did you designed this or it’s a premade admin panel?


i designed why?


Looks really good, used any library for the text editor?


yeah its an pre built text editor. https://xdsoft .net/jodit/
but it took almost 3 hours to understand how the file browser api works because in the documentation they uses php and i am ultra noob in php . i dont even know how to declare a variable in php :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


@anon54276374 is it okay to use full image as an preview in that image browser or i should generate thumbnails?


i will say you should give option to resize according to custom dimension for uploaded image for thumbnails

keep only two format

and thumbnail

no extra versions


as you know manipulating images is cpu intensive work. So is it worth it? Just asking your opinion


yes it is worth … if you want open source lover love your project

better way should be … integrate an freeimum api …

if api is not present then use CPU power

so if anyone is interested in your cms … he can use his API or CPU it will be there wish …

check this


there is an api provided by tinyPNG it allows 500 free images/month which is great but after that it is paid


So you want to compress images before uploading?


yes all i am saying is integrate some API … so user can save CPU

if they wish… wordpress is not doing this :neutral_face:

as the time passes you could add more API …

BTW i will say go with progressive JPEG format


maybe, but i will implement an server side optimizer that will optimize the image after it is uploaded


How are you planning to do that?