Suggestions needed regarding comment system (developers only!)


Then that blog was a big scam or I can’t remember the dates. But the moral of the story remains same xD

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Your DP :heart:


Yes Dear I am better than you, Now let me set my crown :crown:


@supx after watching my dope Dp

sad will ferrell GIF

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lol. Only if you have designed it yourself. xD


You can use this in your next projects It’s a cool text editor I used it for the first time today looks Dope and feature rich,

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It is used by WordPress. I used jodit because its open source. BTW I am thinking to build my own text editor


Make that open source too :wink:


Update I found a better one -

This is open source too plus look simple and cool and has image resizing option on fly

Should Try this once!

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It is very good but it doesn’t offer any image browser.


Browse through the images in database?

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i can make the server/api part but making the ui is boring for me as i dont work with css that much!

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made open source: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
btw a lot of work needs to be done. Just started building an hour ago!