[Survey] Which Laptop do you use for Blogging?


Yes, I will definitely miss Windows. As I started my blogging career with this. But i have to accept it, because changing is the rule of this Universe.

Hey @BihariLala I am just a baby infront you in case of Ad revenue. I hope @laalsalaam sir will support this comment.

Thank you Gulshan Sir.

(Gaitonde) #144

Every one is baby in front of Mayank. Except @Morshii
Morshii makes highest here.

(Gaitonde) #145

I will suggest Macbook Air, if you need only for blogging.
For coding Macbook Air will hang, though no issue with python or front end development.

If you use video editing tools or Photoshop, Macbook Air is not for you. Buy pro or best is any high spec windows laptop.

Blogging+Front end development == Macbook Air

Blogging+Vlogging == Windows high spec laptop


I will just do my blogging on the Macbook.
I have no knowledge of coding.

(Bihari Moderator) #147

Why do you keep spreading rumours? Lol. Hitesh makes 4x of mine and Morshii is 10x.

(Bihari Moderator) #148

and on SML there are many users with $2-3K.

Webmaster world has everyone with 10K plus earnings lol

(Gaitonde) #149

Read full I said morshii makes more than you. :slight_smile: I was sure Hitesh makes good but 4 time :open_mouth:

Nothing personal just you are inspiration for many here.

(Gaitonde) #150

Webmaster forum has all biggies. Matching the level is very tough.


For a blogger,

  • Creating quality featured images matters. I guess, having fast one is better for smooth experience so one can use such important software like Photoshop.

  • Additionally, video editing is also important as Google bring it on the top.


After switching to 10 pro, I can say it’s best.

Things I liked

  • Fast startup, restart, shut down.
  • Awesome UI
  • No hang

(Saksham Kumar) #153

Finally booked MacBook Pro 15" after so much of confusion… :ok_man: :relieved:

(Rajput Moderator) #154

hehe! is this the season to get new laptop or pc?


What’s the price?


You are also now part of Macbook Fanboy! :wink:

All the best, looking forward to see something special behind the MAC!

(Saksham Kumar) #158


Hehe… I have only used Android and Windows till now but I think its time to experience all the hype behind apple products… :joy:


Good, this screen size is better.

I hope there should be “fast and long battery life”.

All the best!

(Gaitonde) #160

Great decision. You will love it.

(Saksham Kumar) #161

Yes, I like big screens… easier for everything

Thanks!! :grin:


15" around 1336x768 in my old system was so comfortable for me. Now, 22" is like handling something big getting control out of hands. Still practicing …


It seems, I having to look more left and right - driving a Truck not a car :smiley: :smiley: