[Survey] Which Laptop do you use for Blogging?

(Ajay Gu) #187

did you receive your new mac book pro ? how is it ? show us some pics

(Ajay Gu) #188

wow !! such a powerful machine. Is it only for blogging or also for gaming ?

(Saksham Kumar) #189

Yes! It is awesome and especially its Force Touch trackpad… :yum: Now photoshop opens in 2-3 seconds as compared to my old laptop which takes 10-12 minutes. :sweat_smile:

(Bihari Moderator) #190

rich people not allowed to participate.


(imamit) #191

where did you get photoshop for macbook?


(Saksham Kumar) #192

After you, Sir!

(Saksham Kumar) #193

I am on 7 days trial now… Downloaded from Adobe. Will patch it after the trial. :thinking:

(Suprim Shrestha) #194

Why didn’t you buy the 2017 model?

(Saksham Kumar) #195

That one is not available here at Apple store and only 2015 models are available on Amazon… 13" and Air models are available and also 2017 models don’t have any ports other than USB C :man_facepalming:

(Suprim Shrestha) #196

oh man that’s bad. btw air model has usb 3 ports and Usb c is a lot faster and it is the future.:joy:

(Rajput Moderator) #197

It is for everything… gaming, designing, motion designing, developing, etc.

(Rajput Moderator) #198

This HHD is very slow ;-;

(Rajput Moderator) #199

hehe! I need to get more RAM

(Bihari Moderator) #200

your internet speed?

(Rajput Moderator) #201

How to test it? http://www.speedtest.net/?

(Bihari Moderator) #202



Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

(Rajput Moderator) #204

Yes, you are :angry:

Please do not get jealous

(Bihari Moderator) #205

mine is 24 mbps/500GB

(Rajput Moderator) #206

In real usage, it is 900kbps downloading and 200kbps uploading :cry:

(Induction Motor) #208

900 KBps not Kbps