[Survey] Which Laptop do you use for Blogging?

(Rajput Moderator) #209

लमाओ येह…

(Yatin Sardana) #210

Here I get only 50-100KBps. Thanks to Jio 4G.:joy::joy:isi m gujara chl ra hai


Sorry to hear about inconvenience.

I am interested in learning how do you manage?

I do understand that with slow speed browsing Internet is like waiting for happening miracle.

In that case, are you able use WordPress and all site easily?

Below are few things… I do

  • Using Gmail HTML version
  • Keeping less plugins in WordPress, so Dashboard can load quickly
  • Using mbasic.facebook.com if urgent!!

(Suprim Shrestha) #213



Thanks for this. :wink:


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

(Bihari Moderator) #216

this is slow as per the UK standards.


cant test on speedtest.net it gives latency test error…

so tested on https://fast.com/en/# its powered by netflix

JIO speedtest :neutral_face:

(Yatin Sardana) #218

I get 2-4mbps early in the morning before 5-6AM, after it I can’t download anything. So I wake up early and download all the needed content etc.

Yep, with 100KBPS, I can browse all the sites easily. But I can’t watch YouTube like streaming sites due to this. Whenever I need to download any video i keep it on download before going to sleep.

WordPress works fine. But with this poor Network speed I can’t back up my site(bcoz i manually back up), and in my city there is no wi fi service.
I complaint to Jio a number of times, but they said it might take 120 days :smirk:…I also tried other networks but speed is same.

(Suprim Shrestha) #219

This is decent for home usage. 4k video loads without buffer :slight_smile:


Today got my Macbook Air. Just love it.

(Rajput Moderator) #221

New Macbook Pro launched?

(Induction Motor) #222

Yes, With Latest Intel cpu and New Keyboard mechanism


Why you never used it?

(Bihari Moderator) #228

@Paritosh didi suggestion would be to kidnap him.

(Saksham Kumar) #229

They are featuring i9 processors but not able to work like i7 bcoz of heating issues… :man_facepalming:

(Ajay Gu) #231

They have released a software update, now it should work as expected. Below is the link to know more:

(Sajwal Pageni) #232

Well, let me also show my not so fancy laptop.


I do no special task on it, just photoshop sometimes, sometimes adobe premiere. And a lot of netflix.

This might be the first time that almost all softwares that are being used are licensed (original).

(Freedom is NOT FREE) #233

Any good laptop under 40k(+/-8k)? preferably silver colour and 14" screen…

(Induction Motor) #237

Acer Swift 3 Ryzen 5 2500U